Diners Don’t Swallow San Francisco Restaurants' New Climate Change Surcharge

                Even more scary: revenue-hungry lawmakers turning this into a new mandate.

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                Why Do Elites So Love to Be Lectured by a Swedish Teenager?

                Somebody older told Greta she could skip school, tell the grown-ups that they are ruining her life (teenagers always say that—just usually not in front of the United Nations or at Davos!), and in general publicly express a chilling degree of anger.

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                Columnist Who Argued There Are Only Two Sexes Now Sending Out His Resume

                Lost in Trans-Lation: If Caldera is right that he was fired for this column, the list of PC topics on which differing opinions are not allowed just got longer.

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                Mr. Trump Goes to Davos

                Shocks Davoisie, including Swedish teen and climate activist Greta Thunberg, who was present, with optimistic speech touting flourishing economies as best way to improve the lives of ordinary citizens the world over. . .

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                Administration Rolls Back Counterproductive School Lunch Requirements

                In order to increase food options for children while at school, the administration has announced a new proposal that would roll back problematic reforms made to the school lunch program in 2010.

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                Two Truths and a Lie: The Stock Market

                Any day now, the Dow Jones Industrial Average may surpass 30,000. This represents enormous gains in the stock market. Everyone loves the party game “Two Truths and a Lie.” Can you spot which one of the following statements about the stock market isn’t true?

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                IWF Co-hosts DC Dinner Discussion on Hong Kong, Taiwan and Prospects for Freedom

                IWF co-hosted with the American Diplomacy Foundation a lively dinner discussion in Washington, D.C., at the Metropolitan Club, to explore the question, with its many lessons and conundrums, of “Hong Kong: What Next?”

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                Empower Parents to Shield Students From Bullying

                Via The Detroit News

                by Vicki E. Alger

                Public schools throughout Michigan have a problem keeping students safe.

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                Conservatives Should Be Open to a Trial in the Senate

                Via The Hill

                by Heather Higgins and Jennifer C. Braceras

                A Senate impeachment trial is both an opportunity conservatives should embrace, and a firecracker the left should fear.

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                Do You Want New And Better Working Paradigms?

                Via Forbes

                by Carrie L. Lukas

                The media focuses on the personalities and horserace politics, but voters know that elections are more than popularity contests. They determine what policies will be put in place, which profoundly impact all of us.

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                The Women's March isn't about uniting women. It's about hating Trump

                Via Washington Examiner

                by Karin Agness

                What unifies participants in the Women’s March isn’t that they are women, but that they share a dislike of President Trump and support for liberal causes.

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                Via Fox News

                by Patrice Lee Onwuka

                To their detriment, leaders of the Women’s March continue to prioritize resistance to President Trump, while ignoring big everyday concerns of many women, such as how to afford time off for a new baby.

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                Espinoza v. Montana: Will the Supreme Court strike down Blaine Amendments and uphold school choice?

                Democratic Candidates on Attack... Against Each Other ? Evening Edit

                Final Stretch Before Iowa Caucuses and Campaigns Are Coming to Desperate Measures ? The Evening Edit


                Taiwan Votes for Hong Kong: Democracy in Action Energizes Freedom Supporters ? John Batchelor Show ? Listen >>>

                Iran-Iraq and Strike on Soleimani, a Big Wheel in the Terrorist Racket. ? Secure Freedom Radio ? Listen >>>

                Virginia Dems Plan ERA Showdown ? Radio America ? Listen >>>


                Via NewsOne

                by Carrie L. Lukas

                While the focuses of this year’s march are important, they don’t particularly tap into the issues immediately affecting Black women.

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                Why Mothers' Choices About Work and Family Often Feel Like No Choice at All

                Via The New York Times

                by Carrie L. Lukas

                When policymakers frame “choices” as personal preferences, it distracts from major structural constraints.

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                Jacques: Merit, not tokenism should govern women's success

                Via The Detroit News

                by Hadley Heath

                Elizabeth Warren’s temper tantrum Tuesday night on the Democratic presidential debate stage made me feel like I’d been transported back to 2016.

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